Dear customers, it's been 7 years since THAI MOODS first stepped on its path with a heart. During all this time we met lots of lovely people, and some of them became our friends. A few of them have constructively criticized our way and we have been happy to turn them into friends eventually. Now it's time for us to say you all a warm good bye, for THAI MOODS closed its gate on May 15th, 2011.

Our dedication to THAI food will not come to an end though. Therefore, we have launched a new concept "THAI FOOD AT YOUR PLACE" and further information will be posted on our website or can be provided through e-mail on demand. Thank you all and see you soon! - Thai Moods Team

Do you remember when you last tasted something tempting?

If you’re feeling that all restaurant food has the same flavor, try Thai Moods. We bring to Bucharest a true food to savor.

Thai Moods is the only restaurant in Bucharest that offers the genuine aroma of an exotic Thai menu. Here we go great lengths to achieve this. We fly in all the specific ingredients needed (such as Kaffir Limes, Lemongrass, fresh Coriander), direct from the markets of Thailand. This way, we ensure that you receive the authentic taste of Thai food.

Of course you’re not going to receive only great dishes. You’ll find in our restaurant a world of refreshing tranquility. Enjoy a Royal Pad Thai or a Tom Yum Goong in an indoor cozy space or in our cool Orchid Garden, surrounded by delicate scents and colors of exotic flowers.

Tel: 0748 28 03 88